Tanzanian Girls: The Right to Education

A Girl's Right to Education With No Exceptions


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Although we did begin taking an action against this problem for Tanzanian girls with menstruation and education, there is a limit to how much we can do on our own - after all, we are only students.

Therefore, we decided to extend our project - by trying to make the Tanzanian government hold responsibility for their citizens. They are aware of the problem - they did form a law two years ago that adequate facilities need to be provided in all schools - but none of it is being enforced, so the lives of the Tanzanian girls are the same as before the law was established.

In order to make them feel the need to be accountable, we decided to use the power of people. We formed a petition which people all over the world could sign, so that the government would feel more obliged to take an action. Join in with the cause - just a single click can change the lives of thousands of girls!