Tanzanian Girls: The Right to Education

A Girl's Right to Education With No Exceptions

What We Do

Even if we cannot make the biggest, most significant difference, our goal is to do the best that we can do at the present to make a change.

The purpose of our project is to build awareness to the global community of how menstruation affects the education of girls in Tanzania, and to make some sort of change for the local girls.

To build awareness of this issue and to simultaneously try to make a change for girls in Tanzania, we created a petition (link to petition) sharing information about what sort of conditions girls live in. With the petitions we collect, we will send it to the government encouraging them to improve the girl’s lives. We also went to Msasani Primary School in Dar es Salaam (the economic capital), and held multiple sessions with a group of girls. We taught them things such as how to deal with menstruation, in order to encourage them to stand up for themselves and come to school even during their period.

The Initiation of Our Project

In 2013, to pass 10th grade, us students at IST (International School of Tanganyika) were required to produce a personal project – about anything we are passionate about. We, as girls living in Tanzania with a strong belief in women’s empowerment/rights, decided to take action together in our community for something under that topic. When we came across a website talking about how girls are facing prejudice in school because of menstruation, we decided that we wanted to do something about it. Hence began our project; it soon became something which meant far more to us than just a required school project.

Meet the Project Leaders

In order to best use our strengths and meet our goals, we split up our roles for this project.

Paula, from Germany, is responsible for the organizing, leading, and teaching to local girls during the sessions held at Msasani Primary School. She is also organizing the collection of money through donations which is necessary for our project.

Tomoko, from Japan, is in charge of sharing and spreading information with the global community about problems girls in Tanzania are facing for their education because of their periods. She is the creator and writer of this website.
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